was created in October 2013 for our readers to find the latest football news from around the web, all in one place. With our unique word cloud technolgy, we scan thousands of online news sources to find the players and/or managers that are most mentioned on the Internet every hour. With those mentions, we then aggregate and make a total amount of hits for each and thus we are able to create a word cloud that displays the most commonly mentioned names from the football world on that day.

We also are able to track all of the latest news from Premier League club websites. That means we are able to scan and find articles from every single Premier League team and you will be able to find the content from each team right here. We track these sources over 50 times a day and so you will know that you have the very latest stories from their websites.

In addition, as part of our partnership with, we are able to provide the articles from their football news site as soon as it is published.

Are you interested in our word cloud solutions? We can help you have a similar word cloud on your website for a small yearly fee. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at press (AT) We will then create a quote for you based upon your interests and topics.